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Meeting Alicante 2018: Smart Alicante

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El próximo 23 de noviembre de 2018 se impartirá el seminario “Ataques a Redes de Datos”, a cargo del Prof. JOSE LUIS MARTÍNEZ MARTÍNEZ de la Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, a las 15:00 en el aula 2.3 del edificio Altet.

Estais invitados, llevad vuestro portatil para aprovechar el seminario.

En el PDF hay enlaces de descarga de las maquinas virtuales.

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Election Schedule to Group Delegate 2018/2019

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Call EPSE 2018/2019 Aids

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Collaboration scholarships for advisory students and academic cooperation

Today, the DOGV has published the abstract of the scholarships for student adviser and academic cooperation for the improvement of the perceived quality of students in undergraduate studies in the academic year 2018/2019. I attach the link with the call for you to spread it in your center. The deadline for submitting applications starts next Monday, October 8 and expires on October 23, 2018.

For any questions, you can consult with the fellows of the Study Management Service Scholarships.

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Hackathon pace Apps Challenge for the first time in Alicante, organized by everis Alicante.

Do you consider yourself a curious or creative person? Are you passionate about the exploration of space, the environment or the needs of society?
Did you ever think about being an astronaut or working at NASA?

If your answer is affirmative to any of the previous questions, we want to propose something to you: we would like you and your team to present NASA with an idea that will solve the multiple challenges they face on a daily basis. And not only are apps searched! You can use hardware, software, design, robotics, data visualization and any other specialty to create your project. It sounds good, right?

The Space Apps Challenge (NASA’s innovation incubator program) lands for the first time in Alicante, organized by everis Alicante.

During a weekend, we will launch a hackathon developed simultaneously around the world, where you will create a project to solve some of the challenges that the agency proposes. In addition, NASA puts at your disposal your database collected in real scenarios.
Do you want to participate?

Register here: and you will receive a confirmation email from the organization requesting some more data for organizational reasons

Registration deadline: Friday, October 12

The places are limited!

Date of the event: October 20 and 21

Location: everis Alicante (San Juan)

Britania Street 36-38, First Floor.
Data of interest

This is the first round. The two winning projects / ideas chosen by the jury will go to the final phase, in which a jury of NASA experts will evaluate and select the best proposals from among the finalists.

DO NOT MISS IT! Sign up with your team and … be the next to collaborate with NASA to save the world!

Follow us on our Twitter account @SpaceAppsALC to be informed of all the news.

If you have any doubt write an email to

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Planning, organization and realization of workshops and diffusion talks in educational centers or on campus of the UMH, on the degree in which you are enrolled and related.
Period: 15oct’18 to 31mayo’19. Irregular schedule between 8-17 hours. Valuable driving license / own car and Valencian. Excluded students Physiotherapy, Occupational T. and BBAA.

To register, students must:
1º-Access the website and select the option “Internship offer (UMH students)” located on the left side of the page.
2º-Validate with username and password of the identified access. A window opens showing all available internship offers.
3º-Select from the list the offer P-5514/18 to visualize it and click on the “send curriculum” button.

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Job offer for two mechanical engineers at Cognex Aachen (Germany)

In Cognex Aachen (Germany) look for two mechanical engineers for two positions:

Junior Engineer and Senior Engineer.
The Junior Engineer does not require much previous experience except to have an adequate level of English.

The work consists of developing your own product with interaction with optical and electronic equipment.

If you know someone interested in any of these two work possibilities, please send an email as soon as possible attaching the CV to

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Artificial intelligence and society – Conversation

The first discussion on artificial intelligence and society is held where the social, legal and ethical implications of the use of artificial intelligence in the private sector, public administration and society in general will be addressed.

The conclusions reached by the experts will be reflected in the White Paper on Artificial Intelligence that will include a diagnosis on the increasing use of data in Public Administrations and companies.

The recommendations will serve for the Executive to promote the development of an ethical code on the use of data in the Public Administration, as well as a code of good practices for companies in the use of artificial intelligence and data.


08.30 – 09.00 Accreditations

09.00 – 09.15 Institutional opening

09.15 – 09.30 Inaugural session: artificial intelligence and citizenship

Nuria Oliver: Director of Research in Data Sciences at Vodafone and Chief Data Scientist at DataPop Alliance. Member of the Association for Computer Machinery, of the European Association of Artificial Intelligence and the IEEE

09.30-10.15 Panel: Why does artificial intelligence deserve our attention?

The objective of this plenary session is to define the most disruptive aspects of artificial intelligence in its current stage of development, as well as its challenges and opportunities with respect to citizenship: deep learning, ubiquity, technological coexistence.


Ramón LópezMantarás: Director of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (CSIC)
Kate Crawford: Microsoft Research, Co-founder of AI Now Research Institute
Lorena JaumePalasí: Co-founder of Algorithm Watch

10.15-10-40 Presentation: bias of the algorithms and vulnerability of the data

Krishna Gummadi: Networked Systems Research Group, Max Planck Institute for Software Systems

10.40 – 11.30 Panel: the role of society before AI and Big Data

How should our societies respond to the rise of new technologies? Formulas for social empowerment and technological democratization in today’s citizens. Data for the common good: approximation to social data.


Ramon Sangüesa: Director of the Data Transparency Lab (MIT, Open Data Institute, Mozilla Foundation, Telefónica I + D).
Miguel LuengoOroz: A Global Pulse Chief Data Scientist.
Nozha Boujemaa: Research Director of Inria, Director of Dataia.

11.30 – 12.00 COFFEE PAUSE

12.00 – 13.00 Debate: the role of states in the face of the rise of AI

What strategies should States develop to maximize the benefits of new technologies? How to fight the future gaps resulting from technologies?


Antonio Samaritani, director of Agency for Digital Italy.
José María Lassalle. Secretary of State for the Information Society and the Digital Agenda of the Government of Spain.
Yolanda Martínez, coordinator of the Digital Strategy of Mexico.

13.00 – 13.45 Panel: the responsibility of the companies in the hyperconnected society

What are the ethical and social components that large companies must assume to achieve a balanced and sustainable development of artificial intelligence? New dimensions in the relationship between individuals and artificial systems.


Elena Gil (CEO LUCA, Telefónica).
Cristina San José (AI and Data Chief of Banco Santander).
Elena Alfaro, Data & Analytics Director (BBVA).
Hugo Zaragoza (Machine Learning Research and Development Center at Barcelona, ​​director).

13.45 Institutional closure: the role of the European Union

Lucilla Sioli, Digital Industry Director, European Commission.

14.00 Cocktail

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