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Call EPSE 2018/2019 Aids

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List of accepted degrees for the WONNOW 2018 Awards

List of accepted degrees for the WONNOW 2018 Awards

WonnoW Awards

The university degrees listed above are accepted for the WONNOW Awards, but this list is not exclusive. If you are in the last year of a career in science, technology, engineering or mathematics and in that career the number of women is proportionally low compared to that of men you can ask for the inclusion of your career in this list and compete.

To do this, send the following email to the name of the degree, the university and the curriculum or, at least, the list of subjects. In a short time we will inform you if your degree is included in the list of accepted and you can compete.

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Survey “Why did you choose the UMH?”

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Curso Iniciación a CYPE y BIMserver

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The UMH Foundation looks for students of Engineering as monitors for the project “Escola de Frikis”

The UMH Foundation seeks engineering students as monitors for the “Escola de Frikis” project of the UMH.

Escola de Frikis is an extra-curricular activity to teach programming to primary school children, through STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

They are classes of one hour per week per group, in which a content already designed by the Foundation is explained, following a plan already defined.

4 monitors are urgently needed for 4 primary schools in Elche to teach

1) Tuesday 12: 30-13: 30

2) Wednesday 17: 00-18: 00

3) Friday 12: 30-13: 30

4) Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 5pm to 6pm and Friday from 5pm to 6pm and from 6pm to 7pm

The student will be remunerated through an internship contract according to the number of hours to be taught.

Para más información, contactar con Sergio L. Maciá (coordinador de Escola de Frikis) en el 965 222 257 o en

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INDRA seeks 1,500 young inexperienced graduates: Smart Start (juniors and scholarship program)

Smart Start



We are proud of our successes and we would like you to be a part of them in the future. Perhaps it will help you to decide whether to know that the entire German airspace is managed with our technology or that we are a benchmark in terms of digital transformation, to name just two examples of our leadership.

We are a company with nearly 40,000 professionals, with local presence in 46 countries and commercial operations in more than 140. To consolidate our technological leadership, we think that it is key to incorporate the best talent from universities.

Smart Start

For this reason, we have reinforced our commitment to young professionals by launching a new Juniors and Scholars Program -named Smart Start-, to incorporate in Spain in 2017 more than 1,500 university students of Master and Degree, who have completed or are finalizing their studies, especially in the scientific-technological field (Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics …) and, to a lesser extent, Business Administration and Management, and with a good level of English. Innovative people, proactive and eager to learn to participate in projects ranging from functional and technological consulting to engineering, solution development or software production. For the software factories, we also look for Vocational Training (FP) graduates, with Higher Degrees in Computer Science and Communications, Electronics and Mechanical Manufacturing.

What awaits you if you become one of the members of the Smart Start program?
• You will have the opportunity to develop a professional career of international scope in a leading global company in consulting and technology
• You can respond to the exciting challenges posed by digital transformation.
• You will participate in leading R & D & I projects and programs both nationally and internationally (drones, mobility, smart cities, cloud computing, Internet of Things, etc.)
• You will leave a positive footprint in society by participating in high-impact projects in sectors as diverse as Public Administrations, Industry, Health or Cybersecurity.


The Smart Start program is supported by a comprehensive training plan taught through our Corporate University, Indra Open University, which covers both technical knowledge or professional skills and specific knowledge of the functional area to which each professional or culture and procedures are incorporated. of the company.

At Indra you will also have the opportunity to be an active part of our innovative culture and participate with your ideas in the challenges we pose to our professionals to respond to the needs of different markets.

Indra also offers a flexible work environment, committed to equal opportunities and diversity, with programs to promote women’s access to the company’s management positions or for the adequate integration of people with disabilities. As a socially responsible company, we make available to our professionals the development of different volunteering actions and we have initiatives such as Accessible Technologies, to develop innovative solutions and services based on technology that favor the social and occupational integration of people with disabilities.

Report Here is TVE’s work

“Here is work” of TVE echoes our Smart Start program. Click on the image to see the report

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IMPORTANT! Extinction of the Adaptation Courses to the Degrees of the E.P.S.E. on September 20, 2018

We remind you that the following courses of adaptation to enter the Degrees of the School that are extinguished are:

Adaptation Course Degree in Electrical Engineering
Adaptation course Degree in Electronic and Automatic Industrial Engineering
Adaptation Course Degree in Computer Engineering in Information Technology
Adaptation Course Degree in Telecommunication Technology Engineering
Course Adaptation Degree in Mechanical Engineering

They only have access to be able to finalize the studies those students enrolled in previous calls of the courses of adaptation.

Students who have previously enrolled wish to enroll again in the subjects that are pending, can do so through a request / expose the Director of the E.P.S. requesting the enrollment of the subject / s of the Adaptation Course.

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End of Degree Engineering Jobs


+ INFO: TFG 1_2017

+ INFO: TFG 2_2017

+ INFO: TFG 3_2017

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Offer of internships, TFG or TFM in Calzados Puche S.L. (Elche)

If a student of the last year of his / her career and / or the Master is interested in completing the course, Master and / or Internship, applying his / her knowledge to a Company in the area of the Footwear Sector, which can be of different scopes such as Organization / Production / Planning, Marketing / Commercial, …

The Company Calzados Puche SL ( located in Elche, Polígono Industrial de Carrús, is open to offer its facilities so that it can carry out such work in it.

Calzados Puche is a company that is expanding both nationally and internationally, so anyone who demonstrates professionalism, involvement, positive attitude and approach to continuous improvement and likes his work, has high options for further collaboration

If there is interest, please send CV and potential focus of the work to be carried out and estimated duration, to

Mariano Tarí

+34 617 423 802

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Oferta Beca de Colaboración curso 2017/18 en Laboratorio de Tecnologías Ópticas y Optoelectrónicas (TECNOPTO)

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