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9 April 2018 No comments

IMPORTANT! Extinction of the Adaptation Courses to the Degrees of the E.P.S.E. on September 20, 2018

We remind you that the following courses of adaptation to enter the Degrees of the School that are extinguished are:

Adaptation Course Degree in Electrical Engineering
Adaptation course Degree in Electronic and Automatic Industrial Engineering
Adaptation Course Degree in Computer Engineering in Information Technology
Adaptation Course Degree in Telecommunication Technology Engineering
Course Adaptation Degree in Mechanical Engineering

They only have access to be able to finalize the studies those students enrolled in previous calls of the courses of adaptation.

Students who have previously enrolled wish to enroll again in the subjects that are pending, can do so through a request / expose the Director of the E.P.S. requesting the enrollment of the subject / s of the Adaptation Course.

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9 November 2017 No comments

The student of the Master in Telecommunication Engineering, Juan Clement Bellido, winner of the COIT-AEIT Award for the Best Final Master’s Work


The student of the Master in Telecommunication Engineering, Miguel Hernández de Elche University, Juan Clement Bellido has won the COIT-AEIT Award for ‘Best Master’s Degree in Fundamentals and Basic Technologies of Information and Communications, and his Applications’ in the XXXVII edition of the Awards for the Best End-of-Course Projects, Master’s Thesis, PhD Theses and Best Academic Trajectories in Telecommunication Engineering 2016. These national awards are granted annually by the Official College of Telecommunication Engineers. In this edition the jury met last Friday May 26, with the assistance of the Directors of Schools of Telecommunications Engineering of all Spain, attending on behalf of the UMH Mr. Miguel Ángel de la Casa Lillo, Director of the EPSE.

The final master’s work by D. Juan Clement entitled ‘Inconsistent interrogation of fiber optic sensors based on Bragg networks by means of wavelength transformation to group delay’, has been directed by the professors of the Department of Communications Engineering of the UMH D. Carlos Rodríguez Fernández-Pousa and D. Germán Torregrosa Penalva. Mr. Juan Clement continues his studies at the UMH thanks to a scholarship for the training of research personnel with the aim of obtaining the title of Doctor.

The final master’s work presented at the 37th edition of the awards consists of the development of a novel reflectometric system for optical spectrometry based on a microwave photon dispersion (MWP) capable of translating wavelength variations In Wavelength To Group Delay Mapping (WTGDM), a key point for the performance of spectral analyzes. The design can find application in fields such as mechanical stress monitoring in structures or intrusion detectors, providing a secure and interference-free communication.

29 May 2017 No comments

VI call for the Best End of Career Award related to sustainable mobility (Renault Foundation)

grupo renault
These prizes will be able to opt for all final projects (end-of-career projects: End-of-Degree Projects and End-of-University Projects) presented during the period September 2016-September 2017 in related Spanish universities of some Way with sustainable mobility as a global concept in aspects such as: technological solutions of product and process, innovative designs, theoretical and / or experimental studies, trend analysis, business models, reduction of environmental and noise impact, improvement of energy efficiency, new sources Energy, logistics optimization, connectivity, autonomous vehicle, road safety solutions, urban development proposals that facilitate sustainable mobility, attention to social needs of mobility, integration of people with reduced mobility, etc …

In this call:

1.The winners will again have the unique privilege in Europe to defer their candidacy for a scholarship in France funded by the Fondation Renault (France) for a master program

2. Two categories have been established:
• Best Work / End-of-Grade Project or university master related to technical qualifications
• Best Work / End-of-Grade Project or University Master related to Economics and Business Administration and Management degrees

The prize for the winner in each of the categories will consist of: a diploma and a check of € 3,000 for the author of the project and € 2,000 for the purchase of teaching and / or research material for the supervisor’s department.

The media will be given the names of the winners and the universities to which they belong.

The bases of the prize can be consulted in detail in the web of the foundation: http: //

4 April 2017 No comments

Technical Conference. Hybrid Systems with Aerothermics. 5th of April

The Master in Thermal and Electrical Installations. Energy Efficiency (MITE) of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) has organized the Technical Day “Hybrid Systems with Aerothermal”, which will be held on April 5, at 16:30 in the Sala Plató Of the Innova building on the Elche campus.

During the session, will be attended by Gemma Cavero Ballarín, Industrial Engineer and technical of the commercial department of Saunier Duval Levante. This activity is organized by the teacher and director of the master Pedro Juan Martínez Beltrán, framed within the subject Air Conditioning Facilities and is aimed at both students and professionals in the sector.

The content of the day will be centered on the systems of production of thermal energy of high efficiency with Aerothermia (heat pumps reversible air-water) for heating installations, production of ACS and air conditioning, in its variant “alone” as in combination With other generators (hybridization).

During the day the principles of operation of the systems with Aerotermia will be developed, exposing criteria of dimensioning, schemes of facilities, web tools and examples of real installations.

If you are interested in attending, you can do so by registering for the next ENLACE.

Welcome Day Program

16:30 – 16:45 Reception and welcome
16:45 – 17:00 Presentation of the Day
17:00 – 18:15 Technical Presentation Hybrid Systems with Aerotermia
6:15 p.m. – 6:30 p.m Questions and answers

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15 March 2017 No comments

EPSE Graduation Act – March 31, 2017

It is reported that the act of graduation will take place on March 31. This event will be attended by students who have obtained and paid for their degree between February 1, 2016 and January 31, 2017.

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6 February 2017 No comments

Seminar “The world of Video Compression” by PhD. Glenn Van Wallendael (Ghent University)

Máster en Ingeniería de Telecomunicación
Aplicaciones Multidisciplinares – Seminarios

The world of Video Compression
PhD. Glenn Van Wallendael (Ghent University)
22 de diciembre de 2016 a las 15:00h en el aula 1.1 del edificio Altabix.

From every device I encounter in my life, I like to know how it works. Well, 10 years ago, I wondered how video, with 2.000.000 pixels per image, can be made so small that it can be stored, downloaded and displayed on my device. During this seminar, I will explain where we are today, what techniques are being used, and where the video compression community is heading. Actually, there are two communities, the one using patents, and the one being against patents, and you will understand their positions better after the talk. So, did you ever wonder who develops standards like MP3 or MP4 and how this is done? For the standardization activities of HEVC, imagine up to 1000 international developers from competing companies in a meeting room discussing gradual improvements of less than 1% during 10 full days in a row. Doing this four times a year, that is MPEG. Even with these standards, if you wonder why a video is not playing on your device as it should be, this seminar can provide you with insight.

Glenn Van Wallendael obtained the PhD degree in Engineering from Ghent University, Belgium in 2013. During his PhD, he worked on the improvement of video compression technology. He presented his research findings during ITU-T and ISO standardization meetings in order to improve the HEVC compression standard. Currently, he is active in the standardization activities of High Dynamic Range, Image compression, Video Quality, and even DNA compression activities within ITU-T and ISO standardization groups.

20 December 2016 No comments

Erasmus Call + Studies 2017/2018

New (11/22/2016): Call for Erasmus + Studies 2017/2018

The Vice-Rectorate for International Relations of the UMH publishes the first call for the Erasmus + program for study purposes for the academic year 2017/2018. This program allows to take a semester or a full academic year in another European university. The application will be made online * through the personalized access of the students. The deadline for submission of applications will be from November 22 to December 9, 2016 ONLINE. In addition to the ON LINE application for participation in the program, the student must present the following documentation by registration:
1.Application signed and signed by the student with a recent passport size photograph.
2.Photocopy of ID, passport or residence permit.
3.Copy of the personal academic record (without academic validity).
4.Copy of the certificate or proof of knowledge of languages. Those students who are going to take the test of English level of November 25, 2016, must present a copy of the proof of payment of test fees. The International Relations, Development Cooperation and Volunteer Service will verify this information and attach the result of the test.
5. Curriculum Vitae, if applicable. (See List of places with interview)
6.Certification Buddy, if applicable.
7.Certification student Promoter, if applicable.

All the documentation that must be submitted will be presented through the General Registry of the UMH or the Auxiliaries of the CEGECAS as a deadline on December 12, 2016.

ERASMUS job catalog + 2017/2018

Call 2017/2018

Text complete

Summary of the call

23 November 2016 No comments

Important: EU Scholarships

Dear Students:

For our new “Scholarship” we are looking for students who are looking for their own way, willing to change course spontaneously and with courage. The scholarship is awarded regardless of the grades, the semester or the university degree.
The “Scholarship” consists of a four-week English course in San Diego (USA) for a total of € 4,000, which includes flights, accommodation, course fees and € 500 for additional expenses. For more information:
Other 12,320 scholarships: In addition to this, there are more than 12,300 scholarship programs that may interest you. Our exceptional scholarship search engine will show you, in just a couple of clicks, between 10 and 15 scholarship programs and other financial aid to suit what you are looking for. This is possible thanks to a matching process of the most ingenious, which compares your profile with the scholarship programs that are in our database. With over 12,300 scholarship programs (worth € 27 billion a year), the European Funding Guide is by far the largest scholarship platform in Europe.
My 3 reasons why you should request a scholarship without fail:
1) More than 28 concession criteria determine your possibilities. As for example: the place of birth, the university career or sex. No one can say right away if there is a possibility of obtaining a scholarship. You have everything to win without getting good grades!
2) A year in Europe there are 27 billion euros in scholarships
3) Many foundations do not receive sufficient applications. Every year millions of euros are wasted because nobody sends requests.

P.D: I advise you to start immediately to find scholarships, because many foundations have only one deadline a year. If you miss this date, you have missed an opportunity. And the search only costs 2 minutes!

10 November 2016 No comments

17 and 18 May: Seminar on Cybersecurity and Cybercrime

May 17, 2016
9:00 ama1:00 pm
May 18, 2016
9:00 ama1:00 pm

The next 17 and May 18 Seminar on Cybersecurity and Cybercrime will be taught by Dr. Gustavo González Granadillo, from Grand Ecole Telecom SudParis, with the following Schedule:

• Tuesday, May 17 9: 00-13: 00 Classroom 0.7 Altabix bldg.
• Wednesday, May 18 9: 00-13: 00 Aula 1.1 Edif El Altet.

You can view the full content here: Seminario sobre Ciberseguridad

Guest speaker:

Dr. Gustavo González is a graduate Industrial Engineer Yacambu University of Venezuela in 2002. In 2008 he did a Masters in computer and communications networks in the Grand École Telecom SudParis (France), and in 2010 began his doctoral studies in the area of ​​information technology and computer networks in the Paris VI University, in conjunction with Telecom SudParis, on the analysis of optimal solutions for the evaluation and selection of security measures in the SIEM systems. In 2014 he made a postdoc in information security at the Institute Mines Telecom, where he is currently working as a research and development engineer for the problems of cybersecurity and cybercrime. He has published about 15 articles in international conferences and journals in information security with the aim of using geometry to quantify the impact of different security events that occur in an information system.

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13 May 2016 No comments