(Español) Cursos de Adaptación a Grado

IMPORTANT! Extinction of the Adaptation Courses to the Degrees of the E.P.S.E. on September 20, 2018

Text: We remind you that the following adaptation courses to access the Degrees of the School that become extinct are:

Adaptation Course Degree in Electrical Engineering
Adaptation Course Degree in Electronic Engineering and Industrial Automation
Adaptation Course Degree in Computer Engineering in Information Technology
Adaptation Course Degree in Telecommunications Technology Engineering
Adaptation Course Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Only those students enrolled in previous calls for adaptation courses have access to be able to finish the studies.

Students who have previously enrolled wish to enroll again in the subjects that are pending, can do so by requesting / exposing the Director of the E.P.S.E. requesting the enrollment of the subject / s of the Adaptation Course.