End-of-Service Master’s Degree job offers at NEXTEER (Germany)

Master thesis NEXTEER Advanced Signal Analysis

Master thesis NEXTEER Software Architecture

January 13th, 2017

SCIE Research Awards – BBVA Foundation (2017)




Doctors under 30 years old who must submit those who in their opinion are their 3 best contributions.

The prizes and the bases are in the web of the SCIE

Premios de Investigación Sociedad Científica Informática de España y la Fundación BBVA

And the BBVA Foundation

January 9th, 2017

Seminar “The world of Video Compression” by PhD. Glenn Van Wallendael (Ghent University)

Máster en Ingeniería de Telecomunicación
Aplicaciones Multidisciplinares – Seminarios

The world of Video Compression
PhD. Glenn Van Wallendael (Ghent University)
22 de diciembre de 2016 a las 15:00h en el aula 1.1 del edificio Altabix.

From every device I encounter in my life, I like to know how it works. Well, 10 years ago, I wondered how video, with 2.000.000 pixels per image, can be made so small that it can be stored, downloaded and displayed on my device. During this seminar, I will explain where we are today, what techniques are being used, and where the video compression community is heading. Actually, there are two communities, the one using patents, and the one being against patents, and you will understand their positions better after the talk. So, did you ever wonder who develops standards like MP3 or MP4 and how this is done? For the standardization activities of HEVC, imagine up to 1000 international developers from competing companies in a meeting room discussing gradual improvements of less than 1% during 10 full days in a row. Doing this four times a year, that is MPEG. Even with these standards, if you wonder why a video is not playing on your device as it should be, this seminar can provide you with insight.

Glenn Van Wallendael obtained the PhD degree in Engineering from Ghent University, Belgium in 2013. During his PhD, he worked on the improvement of video compression technology. He presented his research findings during ITU-T and ISO standardization meetings in order to improve the HEVC compression standard. Currently, he is active in the standardization activities of High Dynamic Range, Image compression, Video Quality, and even DNA compression activities within ITU-T and ISO standardization groups.

December 20th, 2016

Seminar NEXTEER – EPSE Vehículos Autónomos

Autonomous Driving: Challenges and opportunities for engineering and development in the automotive industry
20 de diciembre – 12:00h – Salón de Actos Edifico Arenals

Descargar PDF del Seminario seminario_nexteer_2016_dcr
This seminar will cover the following topics:
• Describe what ADAS (Advanced Driving Assisted Systems) and Autonomous Driving (AD) means (e.g. levels; safety definitions, main enabling technologies).
• Contribution to AD by suppliers and systems.
• NEXTEER’s contribution to develop and enable AD, ADAS path, ADAS cabin and ADAS steering.
• From an insider to a newcomer: which are the areas to work on and what needs to be considered when working on a safety critical product in the automotive industry.

Invited Speaker: Bertram Moeller
Bertram Moeller graduated in Automotive Engineering (1996) and studied Maschinenbau (Master degree) at the university RWTH Aachen in Germany. In 1997 started working in Delphi as Product Engineer on steering and chassis systems. In 1999 changed his role in Delphi to Systems Engineer for Electric Power Steering systems. In 2000 was relocated to Michigan (USA) working as Lead Systems Engineer. In 2002 went back to Europe as Technology Leader Systems Engineering in Rüsselsheim (Germany) and worked on several projects in Asia and Europe for new EPS systems. In 2012 became Engineering Manager for Germany and, in 2014, also Managing Director for Nexteer Germany.
NEXTEER Automotive is a global leader in advanced steering and driveline systems. In-house product development and full integration of hardware, software and electronics give NEXTEER an unmatched competitive advantage as a full-service supplier.
Our vision is to expand our leadership in intuitive motion control – leveraging strengths in advanced steering and driveline systems. We maintain product focus on electric power steering (EPS), a socially responsible technology that offers automakers increased fuel economy and reduced emissions. NEXTEER Automotive has put more than 30 million EPS units on the road since 1999, saving more than three billion gallons of fuel.
NEXTEER draws upon a 100-year heritage of vehicle integration expertise and product craftsmanship. We are the partner of choice for our customers and suppliers, delivering dependable product solutions and building enduring relationships.
For more info visit: nexteer.com

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December 19th, 2016

New selection process Everis Murcia for Computer Engineering or Telecommunications (20 December)


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December 4th, 2016

Erasmus Call + Studies 2017/2018

New (11/22/2016): Call for Erasmus + Studies 2017/2018

The Vice-Rectorate for International Relations of the UMH publishes the first call for the Erasmus + program for study purposes for the academic year 2017/2018. This program allows to take a semester or a full academic year in another European university. The application will be made online * through the personalized access of the students. The deadline for submission of applications will be from November 22 to December 9, 2016 ONLINE. In addition to the ON LINE application for participation in the program, the student must present the following documentation by registration:
1.Application signed and signed by the student with a recent passport size photograph.
2.Photocopy of ID, passport or residence permit.
3.Copy of the personal academic record (without academic validity).
4.Copy of the certificate or proof of knowledge of languages. Those students who are going to take the test of English level of November 25, 2016, must present a copy of the proof of payment of test fees. The International Relations, Development Cooperation and Volunteer Service will verify this information and attach the result of the test.
5. Curriculum Vitae, if applicable. (See List of places with interview)
6.Certification Buddy, if applicable.
7.Certification student Promoter, if applicable.

All the documentation that must be submitted will be presented through the General Registry of the UMH or the Auxiliaries of the CEGECAS as a deadline on December 12, 2016.

ERASMUS job catalog + 2017/2018

Call 2017/2018

Text complete

Summary of the call

November 23rd, 2016

New selection process Everis Murcia for Computer Engineering or Telecommunications (Monday 14 November)


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November 18th, 2016

November 17: Seminar on electromechanical Transduction, fundamentals, technologies and applications in ultrasonic sensors and actuators

Next Thursday, November 17, 2016, a seminar will be held on processing Of untrasonic signals in charge of Dr. Tomás E. Gómez Álvarez-Arenas, Higher Council of Scientific Research. The seminar will take place on November 17, 2016 at 15:00 in the classroom 1.1 Building Altabix.

Content The conversion of electrical energy into mechanical and vice versa is the basis of technology Of numerous sensors and actuators widely used today. At Case of dynamic devices operating at ultrasonic frequencies we can From the medical ultrasound systems to the latest generation of Fingerprint sensors in high-end cameras. Equally, it is the basis of New technologies that are being developed in fields such as interaction Non-contact man-machine or non-electromagnetic communication systems Wireless. This seminar reviews the physical principles of transduction Electromechanical and propagation of ultrasonic waves, presents the main Sensors and actuators, with special emphasis on those that make use of Ultrasonic waves: piezoelectric, capacitive and micromechanized transducers Both CMUTs and PMUTs, and laser systems (both for generation and reception) and Presents some applications of these technologies in the field of medical ultrasound, Materials testing, and consumer electronics.

Guest speaker Tomás E. Gómez Álvarez-Arenas. Doctor in CC. Physics by the Complutense University from Madrid. Currently Head Scientist and Head of the Department of Sensors and Ultrasonic Systems at the Institute of Physical Technologies and Information Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC). Previously I worked in the Center for Ultrasonic Engineering of the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, UK), at Institute of Acoustics (CSIC) and in the Institute of Information Security (CSIC). Plus Information at: www.us-biomat.com/group/tomas-ga/

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November 15th, 2016

International Education Week 2016

Do you attract other cultures, other languages, see the world, broaden your horizons …?

You are a future international student!

Do not miss the activities that EducationUSA Spain has organized for you during the week of November 14-18:

Monday 14 November

Fulbright Information Session:

11: 00h – Universidad Complutense – 11: 00h – Auditorium of the Student Building, on the campus of Moncloa – Ciudad Universitaria. Free access until full capacity.

Your 5 Steps to U.S. Study:

17:00 – International Institute – Registration: http://bit.ly/iew16-edusa5steps

Common Application Clinic:

18:30 – International Institute – Registration: http://bit.ly/iew16-edusaCommonApp

Tuesday 15 November

Fulbright Information Session:

12: 00h – TAI School – Free access until capacity is completed.


17:00 – Registration: http://bit.ly/iew16-edusaTests

Wednesday 16 November

Webinar: U.S. Legal Education & LLM
17:30 University of California, Davis – School of Law – Enrollment: http://bit.ly/edusa-ucdavisLLM

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November 14th, 2016

Resolution of call for aid EPSE 2016/2017 (Seminars, Projects and Displacements in Group)

The Higher Polytechnic School of Elche (EPSE) has resolved the call for aid for the course 2016/2017 in the modalities of:

• Support for the realization of Seminars in the degrees of Degree or Master of the EPSE

• Displacement Aids in group exits for subjects of Degree or Master of the EPSE

• Aid for the implementation of Group Projects, organization of events and other actions carried out by students of the EPSE


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November 11th, 2016