Offer of internships, TFG or TFM in Calzados Puche S.L. (Elche)

If a student of the last year of his / her career and / or the Master is interested in completing the course, Master and / or Internship, applying his / her knowledge to a Company in the area of the Footwear Sector, which can be of different scopes such as Organization / Production / Planning, Marketing / Commercial, …

The Company Calzados Puche SL ( located in Elche, Polígono Industrial de Carrús, is open to offer its facilities so that it can carry out such work in it.

Calzados Puche is a company that is expanding both nationally and internationally, so anyone who demonstrates professionalism, involvement, positive attitude and approach to continuous improvement and likes his work, has high options for further collaboration

If there is interest, please send CV and potential focus of the work to be carried out and estimated duration, to

Mariano Tarí

+34 617 423 802

6 September 2017

Oferta Beca de Colaboración curso 2017/18 en Laboratorio de Tecnologías Ópticas y Optoelectrónicas (TECNOPTO)

5 September 2017

Recordatorio: Titulaciones a Extinguir deben defender el Proyecto Fin de Carrera antes del 30 de septiembre de 2017

Nota Importante:

Se recuerda  que en Septiembre de 2017 se produce la extinción de los títulos de ingenieria de telecomunicacion e ingenieria industrial. Esto significa que se debe defender el Proyecto Fin de Carrera antes del 30 de septiembre de 2017.  De no haber defendido el Proyecto Fin de Carrera en ese plazo, el estudiante deberá adaptar los estudios a los nuevos Grados.

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24 July 2017

Incentive Program for the Recruitment of Young People by Local Entities

We inform you of the Procedure for Selection of Young People, Program of Incentives to Hire Young People by Local Entities, within the framework of the Youth Guarantee System published in the EMCUJU and EMPUJU Conventions 2017, Order 7/2017 of April 10, Of the Consellería of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Commerce and work.

The characteristics of the unemployed enrolled in these programs are as follows:

2- Young unemployed up to 29 years. (Not 30 years old) and resident in Alicante city.
3- Interested young people will have to go to the Employment Office that corresponds to them, and enroll in the Youth Guarantee Program
4- Duration of the internship contract: 1 year.

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10 July 2017

(Español) ¡¡Hazte monitor de la Escola de Frikis!!

Sorry, this entry is only available in Español.

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2 July 2017

Summer Scholarship in Optical Technologies Laboratory

Oferta Beca de Verano en Lab Tecnologías Ópticas - 2017

2 June 2017

Entry into Scales of Officers and Sub-Officers of the Armed Forces


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30 May 2017

The student of the Master in Telecommunication Engineering, Juan Clement Bellido, winner of the COIT-AEIT Award for the Best Final Master’s Work


The student of the Master in Telecommunication Engineering, Miguel Hernández de Elche University, Juan Clement Bellido has won the COIT-AEIT Award for ‘Best Master’s Degree in Fundamentals and Basic Technologies of Information and Communications, and his Applications’ in the XXXVII edition of the Awards for the Best End-of-Course Projects, Master’s Thesis, PhD Theses and Best Academic Trajectories in Telecommunication Engineering 2016. These national awards are granted annually by the Official College of Telecommunication Engineers. In this edition the jury met last Friday May 26, with the assistance of the Directors of Schools of Telecommunications Engineering of all Spain, attending on behalf of the UMH Mr. Miguel Ángel de la Casa Lillo, Director of the EPSE.

The final master’s work by D. Juan Clement entitled ‘Inconsistent interrogation of fiber optic sensors based on Bragg networks by means of wavelength transformation to group delay’, has been directed by the professors of the Department of Communications Engineering of the UMH D. Carlos Rodríguez Fernández-Pousa and D. Germán Torregrosa Penalva. Mr. Juan Clement continues his studies at the UMH thanks to a scholarship for the training of research personnel with the aim of obtaining the title of Doctor.

The final master’s work presented at the 37th edition of the awards consists of the development of a novel reflectometric system for optical spectrometry based on a microwave photon dispersion (MWP) capable of translating wavelength variations In Wavelength To Group Delay Mapping (WTGDM), a key point for the performance of spectral analyzes. The design can find application in fields such as mechanical stress monitoring in structures or intrusion detectors, providing a secure and interference-free communication.

29 May 2017

Oferta de empleo en Grados del ámbito de Telecomunicaciones e Informática

20170529 Oferta procesos junior

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23 May 2017

25 CUIEET: University Congress of Educational Innovation in Technical Teaching, BADAJOZ 5-8 September 2017

Poster 25CUIEET v4 - vAAM

Poster 25CUIEET v5 -vJMH

26 April 2017