The Higher Polytechnic School of Elche (EPSE) is a center of the Miguel Hernández University where it teaches undergraduate, master's degrees, technical engineering and engineering related to Industrial Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering. Every year about 450 students formalize their access to the university to study at the center, which currently has more than 2,300 students.

The EPSE has a staff of more than 120 professors who combine their teaching work with research in various fields related to Industrial Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering. The material resources, laboratories and research teams allow students who carry out their final degree, degree or master's work to know and deal first-hand with cutting-edge techniques and technologies worldwide in their specific specifications.

The EPSE is committed to the comprehensive training of its students through more than 5,000 agreements with companies that open the door to professional internships, and a spirit of internationalization of the student's training process, promoting the mobility of students and teachers through institutional relationships with national and foreign centers.

Lastly, the EPSE actively encourages activities that complement the student's academic training, organizing visits to companies and institutions related to Industrial Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering, and promoting the participation of students and teachers in national forums and international related to both related.