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Offer of internships, TFG or TFM in Calzados Puche S.L. (Elche)

If a student of the last year of his / her career and / or the Master is interested in completing the course, Master and / or Internship, applying his / her knowledge to a Company in the area of the Footwear Sector, which can be of different scopes such as Organization / Production / Planning, Marketing / Commercial, …

The Company Calzados Puche SL ( located in Elche, Polígono Industrial de Carrús, is open to offer its facilities so that it can carry out such work in it.

Calzados Puche is a company that is expanding both nationally and internationally, so anyone who demonstrates professionalism, involvement, positive attitude and approach to continuous improvement and likes his work, has high options for further collaboration

If there is interest, please send CV and potential focus of the work to be carried out and estimated duration, to

Mariano Tarí

+34 617 423 802

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Grupo TORRECID (Castellón): Jobs and Internships for Engineers


The Torrecid Group is a company based in Alcora (Castellón) but in continuous growth around the world.

Its employees grow personally and professionally learning together with the best professionals in the sector.

Torrecid opens the doors so that you can develop your professional career in all our companies from all over the world.
The different divisions will allow you to change your line of business, country or career guidance without changing companies.
Innovation is the key to our success.




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Everis Centers Murcia: Selection process for recent graduates Information Technology / Telecommunications (THURSDAY, MARCH 30)

20170330 Oferta procesos junior

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Everis Centers Murcia: Selection process for recent graduates Information Technology / Telecommunications (THURSDAY, MARCH 9)

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EPSE Student Survey

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International Seminar EPSE: How to write scientific articles (26 and 27 January 2017)


Cycle of international Seminars
How to Write Scientific Articles

The next days 26 and 27 January 2017 will be given the seminar “How to write scientific articles” by Dr. José Chilo, University of Gävle (Sweden).
The seminar will take place in the Innova Building from 10:00 a.m. to 13:30 p.m. on the 26th and from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. on Friday, January 27th.

The seminar is aimed at doctoral students and young doctors who are starting their scientific activity and want to acquire skills that help them in the writing and publication of scientific works. The seminar will have a strong practical component and examples of drafting and publication will be considered.
Guest speaker:
In 1986, Professor José Chilo obtained his degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Arequipa, Peru, and in 2001 the degree in Electronic Engineering from the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). From 1986 to 1998 he worked as a consultant in textile, manufacturing and transportation industries, both in Peru and in Sweden. He obtained his PhD in Physics from KTH in 2008, where he carried out research in the field of signal processing, in particular on advanced techniques for measuring and classifying events. He is currently a professor and researcher at the University of Gävle, Sweden, and his current research and teaching activity focuses on the areas of signal processing and telecommunications.

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SCIE Research Awards – BBVA Foundation (2017)




Doctors under 30 years old who must submit those who in their opinion are their 3 best contributions.

The prizes and the bases are in the web of the SCIE

Premios de Investigación Sociedad Científica Informática de España y la Fundación BBVA

And the BBVA Foundation

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Everis new selection process Murcia


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Important: EU Scholarships

Dear Students:

For our new “Scholarship” we are looking for students who are looking for their own way, willing to change course spontaneously and with courage. The scholarship is awarded regardless of the grades, the semester or the university degree.
The “Scholarship” consists of a four-week English course in San Diego (USA) for a total of € 4,000, which includes flights, accommodation, course fees and € 500 for additional expenses. For more information:
Other 12,320 scholarships: In addition to this, there are more than 12,300 scholarship programs that may interest you. Our exceptional scholarship search engine will show you, in just a couple of clicks, between 10 and 15 scholarship programs and other financial aid to suit what you are looking for. This is possible thanks to a matching process of the most ingenious, which compares your profile with the scholarship programs that are in our database. With over 12,300 scholarship programs (worth € 27 billion a year), the European Funding Guide is by far the largest scholarship platform in Europe.
My 3 reasons why you should request a scholarship without fail:
1) More than 28 concession criteria determine your possibilities. As for example: the place of birth, the university career or sex. No one can say right away if there is a possibility of obtaining a scholarship. You have everything to win without getting good grades!
2) A year in Europe there are 27 billion euros in scholarships
3) Many foundations do not receive sufficient applications. Every year millions of euros are wasted because nobody sends requests.

P.D: I advise you to start immediately to find scholarships, because many foundations have only one deadline a year. If you miss this date, you have missed an opportunity. And the search only costs 2 minutes!

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Call for Aid for conducting group projects, organizing events and other activities aimed at students of the degrees of Bachelor and Master of the EPSE

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