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Offer of internships, TFG or TFM in Calzados Puche S.L. (Elche)

If a student of the last year of his / her career and / or the Master is interested in completing the course, Master and / or Internship, applying his / her knowledge to a Company in the area of the Footwear Sector, which can be of different scopes such as Organization / Production / Planning, Marketing / Commercial, …

The Company Calzados Puche SL ( located in Elche, Polígono Industrial de Carrús, is open to offer its facilities so that it can carry out such work in it.

Calzados Puche is a company that is expanding both nationally and internationally, so anyone who demonstrates professionalism, involvement, positive attitude and approach to continuous improvement and likes his work, has high options for further collaboration

If there is interest, please send CV and potential focus of the work to be carried out and estimated duration, to

Mariano Tarí

+34 617 423 802

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Recordatorio: Titulaciones a Extinguir deben defender el Proyecto Fin de Carrera antes del 30 de septiembre de 2017

Nota Importante:

Se recuerda  que en Septiembre de 2017 se produce la extinción de los títulos de ingenieria de telecomunicacion e ingenieria industrial. Esto significa que se debe defender el Proyecto Fin de Carrera antes del 30 de septiembre de 2017.  De no haber defendido el Proyecto Fin de Carrera en ese plazo, el estudiante deberá adaptar los estudios a los nuevos Grados.

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VI call for the Best End of Career Award related to sustainable mobility (Renault Foundation)

grupo renault
These prizes will be able to opt for all final projects (end-of-career projects: End-of-Degree Projects and End-of-University Projects) presented during the period September 2016-September 2017 in related Spanish universities of some Way with sustainable mobility as a global concept in aspects such as: technological solutions of product and process, innovative designs, theoretical and / or experimental studies, trend analysis, business models, reduction of environmental and noise impact, improvement of energy efficiency, new sources Energy, logistics optimization, connectivity, autonomous vehicle, road safety solutions, urban development proposals that facilitate sustainable mobility, attention to social needs of mobility, integration of people with reduced mobility, etc …

In this call:

1.The winners will again have the unique privilege in Europe to defer their candidacy for a scholarship in France funded by the Fondation Renault (France) for a master program

2. Two categories have been established:
• Best Work / End-of-Grade Project or university master related to technical qualifications
• Best Work / End-of-Grade Project or University Master related to Economics and Business Administration and Management degrees

The prize for the winner in each of the categories will consist of: a diploma and a check of € 3,000 for the author of the project and € 2,000 for the purchase of teaching and / or research material for the supervisor’s department.

The media will be given the names of the winners and the universities to which they belong.

The bases of the prize can be consulted in detail in the web of the foundation: http: //

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(Español) Oferta de dos TFG para los Grados de Telecomunicaciones e Informática

If you are interested in making the final project, you attach these two offers related to the detection of weevil. Contact directly with teachers.

PropuestasPFGrado-PicudoJava PropuestasPFGrado-PicudoWeb

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