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Oferta Beca de Colaboración curso 2017/18 en Laboratorio de Tecnologías Ópticas y Optoelectrónicas (TECNOPTO)

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The student of the Master in Telecommunication Engineering, Juan Clement Bellido, winner of the COIT-AEIT Award for the Best Final Master’s Work


The student of the Master in Telecommunication Engineering, Miguel Hernández de Elche University, Juan Clement Bellido has won the COIT-AEIT Award for ‘Best Master’s Degree in Fundamentals and Basic Technologies of Information and Communications, and his Applications’ in the XXXVII edition of the Awards for the Best End-of-Course Projects, Master’s Thesis, PhD Theses and Best Academic Trajectories in Telecommunication Engineering 2016. These national awards are granted annually by the Official College of Telecommunication Engineers. In this edition the jury met last Friday May 26, with the assistance of the Directors of Schools of Telecommunications Engineering of all Spain, attending on behalf of the UMH Mr. Miguel Ángel de la Casa Lillo, Director of the EPSE.

The final master’s work by D. Juan Clement entitled ‘Inconsistent interrogation of fiber optic sensors based on Bragg networks by means of wavelength transformation to group delay’, has been directed by the professors of the Department of Communications Engineering of the UMH D. Carlos Rodríguez Fernández-Pousa and D. Germán Torregrosa Penalva. Mr. Juan Clement continues his studies at the UMH thanks to a scholarship for the training of research personnel with the aim of obtaining the title of Doctor.

The final master’s work presented at the 37th edition of the awards consists of the development of a novel reflectometric system for optical spectrometry based on a microwave photon dispersion (MWP) capable of translating wavelength variations In Wavelength To Group Delay Mapping (WTGDM), a key point for the performance of spectral analyzes. The design can find application in fields such as mechanical stress monitoring in structures or intrusion detectors, providing a secure and interference-free communication.

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25 CUIEET: University Congress of Educational Innovation in Technical Teaching, BADAJOZ 5-8 September 2017

Poster 25CUIEET v4 - vAAM

Poster 25CUIEET v5 -vJMH

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PLACE: Congress Center ‘Ciutat d’Elx’ · C/ Filet de Fora, 1, 03203 Elche, Alicante

The Members of TC 05 Committee of the International Commission on Glass (ICG) concerned with Nuclear and Hazardous Waste Vitrification, after starting their Meeting in Segovia next 13 sept 2017 with the chance of the conference Crystallization- 2017 organized by TC 7 (ICG).

ICG has the pleasure to invite you to join in its EXTENSION MEETING of TC-05 initiated in Segovia with a scientific session at University Miguel Hernández, ELCHE, ALICANTE, SPAIN to behave and discuss last research on VITRIFICATION and GEOPOLIMERIZATION of industrial wastes for their IMMOBILIZATION and/or RECYCLING.

This International Committee which originally was focused in the vitrification of nuclear wastes, since years ago, include also the scientific and technological aspects for the immobilization of all type of industrial wastes which considering the possible recycling of all type of wastes (but not for the nuclear case wastes…) as secondary raw materials.

The program of this WORKSHOP-SHORT CONFERENCE will be developed in two sessions, whose conferences and communications will be edited in a special issue of the prestigious SCI bulletin MATERIALS LETTERS, in order to highlight as short papers the main results and conclusion of the scientific communications.

Introduction to Elche:

Elche is a city in the province of Alicante, south of the Valencian Community. Located near the Mediterranean coast. The city of Elche has three UNESCO heritage sites: Palmeral of Elche (2000), Misteri d’Elx (2001), School Museum of Pusol (2009).

The Palmeral of Elche, of great scenic beauty, has more than 200,000 copies which makes it the largest in Europe. The Palmeral has dates palm trees, whose fruit is used in the gastronomy of the city. The palm has a strong cultural value in the city as it is used during Holy Week. Elche is the only place in the world where the palm is still being handcrafted.

During the twentieth century, in the 60s and 70s, underwent a great industrialization of footwear which contributed to make a hole in the international footwear market by putting some of its brands on the international scene.

Asociación Químicos de MadridAYUNTAMIENTO ELCHE

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XI Treelogic Awards for innovative spirit (submission deadline until March 18, 2017)

XI Treelogic Awards to the innovative spirit with the aim of recognizing, stimulating and diffusing the innovative impulse of university students and endowed with € 4,000.

The deadline for submission ends on March 18.

End-of-course, master’s and doctoral projects are accepted provided they are innovative.

XI Premios Treelogic al espíritu innovador

Más información

Colegio Oficial Ingenieros Industriales de la Comunitat Valenciana
Demarcación Alicante    Telf:  965 20 60 85     Fax:  965 21 06 52

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Valeo Innovation Challenge 2017 Ideas Competition: prizes of 100,000 euros (Until February 17)


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International Seminar EPSE: How to write scientific articles (26 and 27 January 2017)


Cycle of international Seminars
How to Write Scientific Articles

The next days 26 and 27 January 2017 will be given the seminar “How to write scientific articles” by Dr. José Chilo, University of Gävle (Sweden).
The seminar will take place in the Innova Building from 10:00 a.m. to 13:30 p.m. on the 26th and from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. on Friday, January 27th.

The seminar is aimed at doctoral students and young doctors who are starting their scientific activity and want to acquire skills that help them in the writing and publication of scientific works. The seminar will have a strong practical component and examples of drafting and publication will be considered.
Guest speaker:
In 1986, Professor José Chilo obtained his degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Arequipa, Peru, and in 2001 the degree in Electronic Engineering from the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). From 1986 to 1998 he worked as a consultant in textile, manufacturing and transportation industries, both in Peru and in Sweden. He obtained his PhD in Physics from KTH in 2008, where he carried out research in the field of signal processing, in particular on advanced techniques for measuring and classifying events. He is currently a professor and researcher at the University of Gävle, Sweden, and his current research and teaching activity focuses on the areas of signal processing and telecommunications.

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SCIE Research Awards – BBVA Foundation (2017)




Doctors under 30 years old who must submit those who in their opinion are their 3 best contributions.

The prizes and the bases are in the web of the SCIE

Premios de Investigación Sociedad Científica Informática de España y la Fundación BBVA

And the BBVA Foundation

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Seminar “The world of Video Compression” by PhD. Glenn Van Wallendael (Ghent University)

Máster en Ingeniería de Telecomunicación
Aplicaciones Multidisciplinares – Seminarios

The world of Video Compression
PhD. Glenn Van Wallendael (Ghent University)
22 de diciembre de 2016 a las 15:00h en el aula 1.1 del edificio Altabix.

From every device I encounter in my life, I like to know how it works. Well, 10 years ago, I wondered how video, with 2.000.000 pixels per image, can be made so small that it can be stored, downloaded and displayed on my device. During this seminar, I will explain where we are today, what techniques are being used, and where the video compression community is heading. Actually, there are two communities, the one using patents, and the one being against patents, and you will understand their positions better after the talk. So, did you ever wonder who develops standards like MP3 or MP4 and how this is done? For the standardization activities of HEVC, imagine up to 1000 international developers from competing companies in a meeting room discussing gradual improvements of less than 1% during 10 full days in a row. Doing this four times a year, that is MPEG. Even with these standards, if you wonder why a video is not playing on your device as it should be, this seminar can provide you with insight.

Glenn Van Wallendael obtained the PhD degree in Engineering from Ghent University, Belgium in 2013. During his PhD, he worked on the improvement of video compression technology. He presented his research findings during ITU-T and ISO standardization meetings in order to improve the HEVC compression standard. Currently, he is active in the standardization activities of High Dynamic Range, Image compression, Video Quality, and even DNA compression activities within ITU-T and ISO standardization groups.

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6th edition of the program of support to entrepreneurs Marathon Entrepreneurship UMH

Nau has launched the 6th edition of the program of support to entrepreneurs Marathon Entrepreneurship UMH. This program is aimed at anyone UMH Community who has an innovative idea and want to develop it.

What we offer?

– Practical training in creating and managing companies

– Advice from experts

– Funding: up to 70,000 euros to be distributed among the best business ideas

The registration period will be open until next Monday, October 24, through the web

To learn more about the Marathon UMH morning Tuesday, October 17, will be a talk on the Innova building where all the details of this program will be explained. Also, representatives of Levantina Group will present the challenges and opportunities presented by the sector of Natural Stone to engage in it. You can find information from this session on

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